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Items of Interest


April 9, 2008 Press Release
Astoria Park Vehicles Go "Clean & Green" To Reduce Air Emissions Through Efforts of Queens Boro Prez, Queens Clean Air Project Partners and NYC Parks & Recreation

June 14, 2006 Press Release
New Technology Delivers Clean Energy in Clinton Hill

April 19, 2006 Event Announcement
Clean Streets + Clean Air = Clean Communities: A CAC Earth Day Event

September 29, 2005
Making Green at Silvercup Studios -- A Gala Event

August 10, 2005
New York Times Article on the Silvercup Studios Green Roof Project

May 4, 2005Press Release
Urban NOx Reduction Partnership

April 22, 2005 Press Release
Queens Clean Air Project Advances Clean Air and Enery Innovation

April 14, 2005 Press Release
CAC Invests $1.5 Million Toward Emissions and Energy Efficiency Projects in New York City

July 2004
CNN Report on World Trade Center Diesel Emissions Project

May 17, 2004 Press Release
New Queens Clean Air Project Awards $380,000 to Fund Energy and Green Roof Projects

June 2004 NESCAUM Report:
Controlling Airport-Related Air Pollution

June 9, 2004 NESCAUM Report:
Evaluating the Occupational and Environmental Impact of Nonroad Diesel Equipment in the Northeast

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